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Cattle Stockfarming Loans

Go From Strength to Strength with Ziraat!

We offer Cattle Stockfarming Loans for our producers wishing to open a stockfarming business or expand the capacity of an existing one up to 10 or more head of cattle.


Within the scope of Cattle Stockfarming Loans,

  • Investment loans are provided for the construction and repair of cattle sheds, feed preparation units, baler, mowing, and silage machines, and the finance of other investment expenditures
  • Business loans are provided for the purchase of male cattle no older than 18 months registered for at least 3 months on the Türkvet animal registration system (tagged) within the scope of the Regulation on the Identification, Registration and Monitoring of Bovine Animals, the planting of annual feed plants, and the finance of other investment expenditures.